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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 30, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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since this mudder, a murder, a toddler is put in his car seat and thrown over a bridge. >> tonight, his father admits he did it. an emotional day in court as a baltimore father admits of throwing his son over a bridge. >> reporter: when steven nelson drove under the key bridge, he had no intention of crossing. instead he stopped high on top
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of the river and dropped his young son turner nelson over the railing. >> everything came out. i'm just waiting for our day in court. >> reporter: the wait that started two years ago ended in the courthouse with a plea agreement. steven nelson pled guilty to second degree murder. >> satisfied with the way things went today. i'm not going to make further statements until sentencing. right now my family and i have a little closure. >> he wanted to close this out for everybody's sake. >> reporter: a contentious relationship culminating with phone calls the day of the murder. nelson telling her, me and turner are not coming home, we're going to die tonight. i went to the key bridge, took him out of his car seat and threw him over the bridge. and finally, i just killed my son, i deserve to burn in hell. >> it was difficult, it was difficult having to relive it
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but it's something i knew i had to do. past it now and time to move forward. >> reporter: alex demetrick, wjz news. >> nelson faces up to 50 years in prison when he's sentenced in january. a gunman storms a pizza place, one employee went at him with a big pizza spatula. kelly mcpherson shows us the video. >> reporter: the business owner tells me it's been a slow year and he just could not take another hit financially. and you can see on this surveillance video that determination. >> reporter: the owner is there working near the oven that night. >> he was walking, i became suspicious he was doing something. meanwhile he pulled the gun and said i'm not playing. i started telling him, i'm not playing either. >> reporter: he attacked the would be robber, chasing him
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all the way to the store. cameras show no hesitation from the man who owned this pizza shop. he grabbed the only thing he had, a pizza spatula. >> i was not going to give him my hard earned money. i banged him, and once, twice and then he dropped the gun. >> reporter: two weeks ago, a robber came into the same shop from the back and got money from a cash register and from an employee but not this time. >> as he was running i threw this behind him and threw this at his back. >> reporter: mark ensinger was arrested, outside was an accomplice, heather horton that pled for the owner to let him go. >> i said if he had a chance he would shoot me. he kept saying let me go, let me go. i said no you're going to see the police. >> reporter: a customers
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waiting outside for her pizza called 911. the suspects have been charged and they did not get away with anything. >> thank you, kelly. the pair also faces child endangerment chargeless. they found esinger's nine month old baby abandoned in the couples hotel room. it's part of one of the biggest scrap metal thefts in recent baltimore history. police arrested the owner of industrial metals. he stole more than 325,000 pounds of nickel from an east baltimore warehouse then tried to sell it in switzerland. tracking down the fire starter, a huge fire destroys a fire in baltimore county. now investigators think an arsonist is to blame. wjz is live in dundalk. the arsonist has struck three times in the last week.
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>> police are trying to catch this arsonist before they strike again and before anybody gets hurt. the old seagrams distillery is set on fire again. >> in the past six days we've had six fires there that are all listed as arson fires. the old distillery has been set on fire more than a half dozen times since 2008. there were fires in april and september of 2008. then a fire in july of 2009. in 2010 there was fires in january and october. and there have been three fires in november in less than a week's time. baltimore county police say so far no one has been hurt in these arson fires. but with the approximatety of the warehouse to near by home, police say it may only be a matter of time before someone is hurt or worse. >> and what officials at this
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point worry about is someone whether it be a firefighter, police officer, or even just a private citizen that lives in that area, getting severely injured or getting killed because of the injury there. >> reporter: a locked fence surround the billing, it's a deterrent for a determined criminal. >> to have that fire, suspicious in mind. >> reporter: at this time police say they are not even certain if the same person is responsible for all of the fires or if other people are involved. >> thank you, kai. anyone with information is asked to call metro crime stoppers, 1-866-7-lock up. amtrak is about to start allowing guns on its trains. starts next month, passengers
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can start carrying unloaded hands guns in checked baggage. they must notify amtrak 24 hours before departure and the guns must be locked in a hard case. tonight president obama says he agrees. -- in less than an hour, nearly 2 million americans are set to lose their unemployment benefits. that's despite a final push in congress to pass an extension. 32% of all employed have been jobless for six months. they also talk about finding a common ground on issues like
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tax cut and reducing spending. baltimore's encouraging you to shop local this holiday season by buying your gifts in the neighborhoods instead of at the mall. the mayor kicked off the miracle on fifth street. there will be tree lightning and parades across the city. chances target, 90 of the people you're going to know is going to have the same dishes. there's an originalness here that adds to gifts. >> reporter: harbor east moon
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under is trying to entice shoppers with more. >> we're offering free parking. >> reporter: another way they are trying to lure people downtown with dollar or less days. this weekend many of the city's museums and attractions offering admission for only $1 or even free. they're hoping when you are done you might want to stroll into a few local stores. >> we added more shops and retailers over the last years and people don't realize that. you don't always have to go to the suburbs to get a good deal. >> reporter: deep discounts have helped their holiday season through a good start but they're hoping more people will bring home a gift from the city. harbor east the only area that we know about offering free validated parking for shoppers. there are other areas of the city offering discounted prices
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for shoppers. for more information on events and discounts downtown business are offering, go to and click on news. chewpons is modeled after groupon. it will offer coupons for local restaurants. and ray lewis and his mother smith were honored by the foundation fighting blindness for their help with children at risk. another raven was honored tonight antwon boldin became chair of the emerging leaders
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united. a maryland's mans obsession. uma thurmon was creeped out by a man who stalked her for years. caffeinated alcohol outlawed in baltimore city. i'm mary bubala, the serious consequences for stores caught selling drinks like four loko. a wet commute tomorrow morning. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete forewarning forecast coming up next. ,,,,
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it is 58 degrees with some light rain in central maryland right now. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. take a look at a bizarre rescue of a 3-year-old in china. the boy crawled into a washing machine, his legs became trapped in the barrel. rescuers used cutting tools to free the child without injurying his legs. he was safely freed and placed in the arms of his mother. police say carmela de la rosa totsdzed the 2-year-old child over the railing at a parking grass -- rosa tossed
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the 2-year-old child over the rails at the parking garage. the stand off played off for six hours after samuel hengal opened the room with two handguns. he fired shots at the wall and a film projector then killed himself. after that, he did not threaten them or made any demands. >> he didn't really want to hurt anybody, he just, he was very depressed you could kind of tell. so he didn't want to shoot any of us. >> reporter: all 24 hostages made it out unharmed. the students kept talking to hengal throughout the ordeal. crews also credited the teacher for releasing information through the school's communication system. jack jordan of montgomery county was sentenced to probation in 2008 for sending bizarre letters to uma thuram. when they went to arrest him,
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police say he was sitting by a computer googling thurman's name. mary bubala explains why experts say the ban of caffeinated alcoholic drinks will save lives. >> we are asking that all establishments remove these products from their shelves. we'll be having our sanitary conducting inspections. >> reporter: officials notices being sent today to 556 business in the city. violators will face a fine of up to $1,000. baltimore city takes action after the fda ruled caffeine is
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an unsafe food additive in alcoholic drinks and in violation of federal law. several tragedies have been linked to this drink which typically have the equivalent of four cans of caffeinated soda. in maryland the parents of courtney spurry blame her death on the drink. >> she died, other people will continue to die if the drinks stay on the shelves. >> reporter: baltimore city's ban is a major step. >> they're marketed to young people. and given that we have such a large number of universities within baltimore city we're concerned about the effects on this population and we want to add sooner rather than later. we don't want a tragedy to occur. >> reporter: i'm mary bubala, back to you. the ban against caffeinated alcoholic drinks in howard county begins tomorrow at the close of business. on the eve of world aids
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day, a sign more people are aware of the disease than ever before. a new report says a record number of americans were tested for the disease in the past year. at the white house, a giant red ribbon was placed on the portico to honor world aids day. this anthem is engraved by thomas karr. it is one of only 11 original copies. the auction is december 3rd in new york, it is expected to sell for $300,000. >> how do you price something like that. it's amazing. >> it should be preserved. >> it even has the word spelling, patriotic was misspelled. >> you noticed that. >> not a perfect copy but it's rare. >> in a perfect world.
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>> you're right about that. let's talk about radar. we had some rain. the bulk of the rain will be later. right now the heaviest rain from pittsburgh down to roanock. even khully we'll start seeing heavier rain but probably not till 3:00, 4:00 as you head to work in the morning -- eventually we'll start seeing heavier rain. take a look at temperatures in the area right now. 57 still, south-southeast winds. the humidity way up. dewpoint way up, from yesterday it was down to 32 now it's up to 56 degrees, close to the temperature. barometer continues to fall. 59 in easton. 52 in oakland, so it's a warm night. 60 in washington, southeast winds continue to push the water up the bay. and on the western side of the bay, some of these tides late
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tonight into tomorrow morning can run one to two feet above normal. winds picking up a little bit. elkton at the 22. we've had some gusts, 20, 25 miles per hour. there is still overnight into tomorrow morning, flash flood watch in effect. we could see rain gusts as that front goes through later tomorrow morning up to 35, 40 miles per hour and that coastal flood advisory that we just mentioned. also across extreme souther virginia, there's a tornado watch as a front moves through that region. it may spin up a few quick tornadoes. for our region showers and thundershowers. the front will move through sometime in the afternoon. it will turn windy and colder. temps by 2:00 or 3:00. mid-40s in the morning. by the time you wake up it'll be as warm as 52, 56 degrees.
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the bay temp around 47. it'll get heavy overnight, mid- 50s to around the low 60less. rain, maybe a thunderstorm then windy, clearing and colder. 54 dropping to the 40s, eventually 31 tomorrow night. chilly on thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. sundays afternoon may be a rain or wet snow flake or two. temperatures in the low to mid- 40s. denise. >> okay, thank you. make sure to check in tomorrow morning for the updated first warning forecast. the ravens are bringing in the ravens are bringing in have a great day. [ sighs ] this'll do it. holiday cheer runs on dunkin' coffee. get 4 pounds for just $19.99, only at dunkin' donuts. america runs on dunkin'.
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nothing turns the volume down on the hectic holidays like an authentic latte from dunkin' donuts. get any small hot latte for only $1.99 today. a real latte at a real value. america runs on dunkin'. wednesday, almost. counting down. >> getting those rosters ready. mike tomlin says he expects his quarterback to be ready to play
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on sunday. roethlisberger has a sprained food, he should be ready by game time. today, they're actions spoke volumes they signed a full back. his name is jason mckie. mckie played seven seasons for the chicago bears, was with the new orleans saints who released him in the preseason this year. john harbaugh said mckie could be part of the ravens plan for offense. ken hamlin was released to make roster room for the new full back. james harrison has been slapped with another fine. flagged on the play for leading with his helmet. harrison now picks up his fifth
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fine of the season. college football honors for ralph friedgen. it's the second time friedgen voted top coach. o'ryan was named first place. and the golden touch from beyond the arch, a three pointer. couch mitchell in his 25th season. his guys improve to 2-2. they beat lincoln. maryland state that game coming up on saturday. baseball news, former oriole miguel tejada on the move again. he signs a deal with the san francisco giants. tejada played half the season in baltimore, now to san fran
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where he will replace juan uribe who signed a free agent deal with the dodgers today. colorado keeps tolowiski. he also won a gold glove and was rewarded a guarantees deal. >> there's a job security or financial security. >> heading out to ravens practice tomorrow as they get ready for the steelers. >> thank you, mark. if paula deen had a nativity scenene
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a city that's been inspiring ideas and innovation since 1729. at bank of america, we live, work and help serve the community here through hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from supporting the university of maryland medical center...
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the holiday season is officially underway at the big apple. mayor bloomburg had the honor of turning on the lights. 2.5million people are expected to visit the rockefeller center. sarah pratt is sculpting a nativity scene out of apple. she usually works on a smaller project. >> i wouldn't want to be the person who wants to get
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